An artist improves the remake of The Lion King through "deepfake"

by Kelvin
An artist improves the remake of The Lion King through "deepfake"

The software of deepfake It allows you to modify parts of a person's face to put other people's words in their mouths. It is even possible to modify the entire face so that, for example, a famous character appears doing something he has not done.


This technology has generated great concern since it can make a world leader appear in a video saying something that, in fact, has not left his mouth. Nor have celebrities got rid of seeing their faces on the bodies of other people in all kinds of scenes.

However, this does not mean that it does not have interesting applications. Artists Nikolay Mochkin and Jonty Pressinger have collaborated to create a deepfake version of the new remake of The Lion King using animation from the original 1994 film.

Some have criticized the lack of emotion in the features of hyper-realistic creatures in the remake of the film, so incorporating parts of the original title makes it look more endearing.

Although the small shared video only lasts 18 seconds, it does a fantastic job of combining the realism of animal bodies with the expressive faces of the animated film.