An egg, new king of Instagram

by Kelvin
An egg, new king of Instagram

He went from villain to great nutritional ally and very friendly of the 'realfooder'. The egg is trend in Twitter and reigns in Instagram. A normal one, without codes that were raised in soil or belong to country chickens fed by quality grass. We don't even know if it's from a humble cage pita. It was taken from the Google image gallery, with white background. No yolk Cooked or not incognito. The truth is that it is the image with more likes in Instagram of history.

It all started as a joke just ten days ago and today January 14, with the TV and social media help, is the most popular photo on the planet. Beat Kylie Jenner, who stops being the queen of the most influential social network among young people. Previously, the model had the record of 'like' with more than 18 million in a photograph of her first daughter, Stormi. A ridiculous figure if we compare it with the 26.8 million that so far carries the image of the moment, published on the 4th by an anonymous account called World Record Egg.


«We are going to set a new world record together and get the post with more 'likes' in Instagram», Wrote the World Record Egg account in the photograph of the egg, his only post so far. «Beating the current Kylie Jenner record (18 million)! We will get it". In the picture are tagged presenters of American shows like Ellen DeGeneres or Jimmy Fallon and also publications specialized in social media content such as Mashable or Buzzfeed, which triumph among youth. The account name is already 'Egg Gang', and its followers populate the networks signing with the hashtag #EggSoldiers.

The formula of asking for 'likes' or 'retuits' is a classic and sometimes the Internet is able to banal any historical metric. In 2017, a 16-year-old teenager asked a fried chicken chain how many retweets he would need to get a whole year of free fried chicken. "18 million," replied Wendy's, the company in question. The kid 'only' got 3 and a half million, surpassing the 'selfie' posted on Twitter by Ellen DeGeneres during the 2014 Oscars Gala. They were enough to hold the record of retweets for months. This January, a Japanese businessman surpassed him -5 million- offering money to its first 100 retuits.

Kylie herself has taken the loss of her record with humor and has published a curious video on your account Instagram in which it breaks an egg on the asphalt.

This is Jenner's image that, to date, had the record:

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