Ancestors, the game that shows the evolution of the human being

by Kelvin

We are used to games in which we must develop civilizations to move from a primitive state to a modern era, but it is the first time we see a different approach: evolve primates to transform them into humans.

What you see in the video below is the Ancestors trailer, a game that was released on PC in August and will be seen on Xbox and PlayStation in December.


One of those responsible for the game is Patrice Désilets, one of the leading computer game designers, responsible for the first two games of Assassin's Creed, who relied on a book about early evolution in Africa, The Cradle of Humanity, to create A truly original adventure.

It is a survival game in an open world where we control a group of hominids. We have to explore and evolve, acquiring new knowledge, fleeing dangers … all starting 10 million years ago, gradually reaching 2 million years ago, when we can play as an early version of Homo erectus.

As we learn things, synapses are generated that provide evolutionary changes, such as the creation of tools and teamwork. These changes are enclosed in the clan's DNA, which helps the next generations. The game is not linear, in fact we can "win" the game and leave Africa without evolving to walk upright, if we decide to prioritize other skills, something similar to how the real evolution worked.

Ancestors, the game that shows the evolution of the human being 2

Just because you can discover the landscapes and stroll through a virtually unlimited world, the experience is worth it. At the moment it is already available in epicgames for 40 euros.

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