And the country that receives the most cyberattacks in Latin America is …

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How much do companies lose because of cyberattacks?

Cyberattacks generate income that is behind illicit activities such as drug trafficking. Meet the most affected countries

Cyber ​​attacks or cyber attacks are one of the greatest modern threats to the corporate and institutional world. It is a problem that has grown and, apparently, will continue to do so due to various factors that drive it. Latin America is especially a risk zone on the planet.


Latin America is the region in the world with the most cyber attacks; The countries of the area are very vulnerable because of their geographical differences, economic inequalities and cultural factors, in addition to the fact that some nations are connected to other world or regional centers and that makes them attractive to cybercriminals. In the first half of 2018 alone, last year, more than 150 million cyberattacks were counted in Latin America.

So, in this part of the world 9 out of 10 banks have been attacked; Unfortunately, half of the banking institutions do not use new technology to protect themselves. Therefore, it is not strange to say that almost 40 percent of the attacks were successful.

The hacking industry with criminal intentions is composed of organizations whose global income is only below what is generated by the drug trafficking also worldwide; according to him World Economic Forum (WEF). This same source indicates that last year 7.8 trillion dollars moved around cybercrime in the world.

One more fact, the cybercrime It is only below natural disasters in terms of impact for a company, institution or country. The main cause of cyber attacks on the entire planet have increased in recent years is due to the presence of multiple devices, networks everywhere, the cloud itself. This digital explosion brought new sources of income for a nonexistent group shortly before, which was born and consolidated: cybercriminals.

Lee: How much do companies lose because of cyberattacks?

Cybercriminals increasingly attack users through their mobile devices.

The first places

Latin America has a lot to do in cybersecurity. This was said in an event attended by experts on the subject, who pointed out that there are many attack flanks in the region. Thus, the third country that receives more cyber attacks in Latin America is Chile with 7.7 million; It is followed by 13 million Uruguay. It is striking because Uruguay is a much smaller country, but it is considered a high point for the cyber attack because it is surrounded by other nations with global connections such as Brazil, Argentina and Chile. This country, Uruguay, is used as a starting point for cyberattack aimed at other nations.

Thus, Mexico is not enviable in the first place, with almost 20 million cyberattacks only in the first half of last year. The reason is largely cultural, we have a culture of "it doesn't happen to me, it will never happen to me"; Our country has a lot to do.

The experts mentioned that in a special way the Mexican banking sector is highly vulnerable to cyber attacks, in that sense the arrival of the Digital Code (CoDi), opens a risk window for the national banking system; The good news is that banks have realized that they must protect themselves. There are no recent data on the number of cyberattacks recorded in Latin America, but there is evidence that they increase year by year between 15 and 20 percent.

Lee: This is how NEC prepares against cyber attacks

cyber attacks More than 2,000 companies have visited this simulation center, and the demand for living this experience is growing.

Cybersecurity is not an expense or a cost, but a business enabler

What cybersecurity does not have to deliver are cyber attacks, that is why its results are apparently not very measurable. Cybersecurity must be changed in the concept of decision makers and cease to be considered as a cost or an expense but as an enabler because it is what allows the operations and processes of the company to be safe, therefore, it allows The company fulfills its objectives in an environment of certainty. Cybersecurity must be the first step in every business.

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