Android 10 GB official: what will change in smartphones entry level?

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Android 10 GB official: what will change in smartphones entry level? 1

10 GB of Android will launch this fall. This new version is designed to increase speed and fluidity. smartphones Temporary entry level makes them more secure thanks to a new encryption method called Adiantum

After the standard version of Android 10 was released in early September, Google switched to Android 10 GB Newly announced news. Designed to smartphones With a simple data sheet, Android Go is a lightweight version of the system that should be make this device more fluid and more responsive. But users are not spared from performance issues. Google knows this and announced an increase in the new version.

Android 10GB increases fluidity and security smartphones entry level

This new version accelerates the transition from one application to another. Speed ​​and reliability are also improved. Thanks to the optimization of RAM management, applications now run 10% faster than Android 9 Pie (Ir edition), Google advertising. Another aspect where Android Go is still perfect, this is system security which is not at the level of the standard version of Android, especially in terms of data protection. "That is why Android 10 (Go Edition) includes a new form of encryption designed by Google to smartphones entry level is called Adiantum. "

So far everything smartphones Entry-level products cannot encrypt data due to technical limitations. Adiantum designed to work effectively and independently of hardware parts. This means that all users of the Go Now edition will benefit the same level of data security as any Android smartphonewithout compromising performance.

A better optimized application

Finally, Google also announced its own Android 10 GB app optimization. For example: YouTube Go consume less RAM while storing more data. The new Gallery Go app, a lightweight version of Google Photos, lets you enjoy its features while being lighter and requiring fewer resources.

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Source: Google

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