Android 10 has quietly ended up with a feature!

by Kelvin

Android 10 arrived and with it came many good things. Anxiety has started for users waiting to receive the new version on their devices, but above all a great desire to make the most of the dark mode and all the gestures. However, sometimes it is gained, sometimes it is lost. It is true that in the new operating system we have more to gain than lose. But for many users Android 10 has ended up with a feature that was eventually used a lot. Or not. We talked about keeping the screen on by touching the fingerprint sensor.

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Android 10 has quietly ended up with a feature!

Yes, if you have never used it, you could keep the screen on by placing your finger on this sensor. Now and according to Android Police this feature is gone. However, there is a chance to return. It's just that a complaint has been placed on the Google Issue Tracker and for a moment it seemed that this function could come back. However, Google says that this issue has been pushed to the background for now and will be taken into consideration in a future release. It is now unknown whether this means Android 10.1 or Android 11.

More likely, Google is not in such a hurry to bring this function back. Do you know why? It had been specially developed for the Pixel which also had this sensor on the back. However, Google will bet on face unlocking on Pixel 4. In addition, photographs that have already arrived on the Internet reveal that there will be no physical sensor on the new models, at least on the back. So, and since Google always has Pixel first in mind, it's likely that this feature is gone for good. Also if we keep pressing on the screen, it also has the same effect.

In my case, I had few equipment with the fingerprint sensor on the back and as such I did not use this function very much. However, I am curious if any of our readers used it. If so, tell me everything in the comments.

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