Android 10, iPhone 11 and more phones coming in Brazil and worldwide | TC plant

by Kelvin

Android 10, iPhone 11 and more phones coming in Brazil and worldwide | TC plant 9

The time has come for another edition of On-Call TC, where we split up the top news from last week so you can stay on top of all the important stuff in one place.

In this issue the big news is for OnePlus 7T and Moto E6 Plus image leaks, details about the new iPhones XI, XI Pro and XI Pro Max, release of Android 10 and some Samsung, LG and IQOO models, and issues from Meizu with approval of devices in Brazil.


Did you miss all this during the week? So stay with our summary below!

Redmi Details Note 8 and Note 8 Pro

Android 10, iPhone 11 and more phones coming in Brazil and worldwide | TC plant 10

Redmi will launch on August 29th the new Note 8 and Note 8 Pro, which were leaked repeatedly this week.

From what has been commented, the most basic would come to market with the Snapdragon 665 platform, while the Pro variant would come with the powerful Helio G90T from MediaTek, which passed the 280,000 point mark on AnTuTu.

The most powerful of these would have Samsung's new 64 megapixel sensor in its main camera, with a look that closely resembles the Mi 9T. The cheaper version would come with a 48 megapixel camera and Mi 9-inspired design.

Android 10 released

Android 10, iPhone 11 and more phones coming in Brazil and worldwide | TC plant 11

Google made Android 10 official during the week, which should arrive in the early days of September to models of the Pixel line.

Breaking the tradition seen since version 1.5 Cupcake, we do not have a candy following the name of the system, which according to Google helps to avoid confusion in markets with different languages ​​and alphabets.

If you have ventured into Nokia models, this is good news because the company has confirmed the arrival of Android 10 for virtually its entire portfolio by the second quarter of 2020. Nokia 7.1, 8.1 and 9 PureView models get the update yet. this year.

Another one that doesn't want to waste time is Samsung, seeing some images of the new One UI 2.0 during the week. So far, however, the company has not commented on when their handsets will be updated, or which models will receive the news. Chinese Xiaomi has also released a beta version of Android 10 for the top-of-the-line Mi 9, so it should not be long before the stable version is distributed.

OnePlus 7T and Moto E6 Plus screenshots

Android 10, iPhone 11 and more phones coming in Brazil and worldwide | TC plant 12

OnePlus 7 hit the market a few months ago, but apparently the Chinese don't want to let the body cool before launching its successor. After some vague rumors in recent weeks, we finally had something more concrete about the new OnePlus 7T, which is due to be announced next September.

The big news, besides the Snapdragon 855 Plus platform, would be for the cameras, which would not only bring more quality but a completely different look to the back of the device.

With the familiar “manhole cover” seen on various Nokia and Motorola models, we would have three horizontally aligned rear cameras, and a dual-LED flash just below. The main sensor would be 48 megapixels, with a 5 megapixel secondary for blur and a third with a wide-angle lens. The rest of the design would not change much from OnePlus 7, as would the lack of the P2 port for headphones.

Another model that had leaked images was the Moto E6 Plus, which would come as an intermediate version between Moto E6 and Moto G7 Play. No details were given on the technical specs, but the look is much more attractive than the most basic version, following a line closer to what we have in One Vision at the rear and Moto G7 at the front.

IPhone XI Pro Details

Android 10, iPhone 11 and more phones coming in Brazil and worldwide | TC plant 13

A huge report published this week gave details of the plans of the Apple for the next few weeks. In the field of smartphones, we would have three new iPhones: iPhone XI, XI Pro and XI Pro Max.

The iPhone XI would be the direct successor of the iPhone XR, coming with two rear cameras, while iPhone XI Pro and XI Pro Max would be the successors of XS and XS Max, both with three cameras on the back.

The Pro models would come with a traditional sensor in conjunction with a telephoto lens camera and an ultra-wide camera, extending the possibilities of use compared to what we have in the current generation. In addition, camera software would undergo a major overhaul, highlighting the much-requested night mode and advanced portrait mode editing.

The new iPhones are due to be announced in the second week of September, but the date has not yet been officially confirmed.

Meizu in Brazil without Anatel seal

Android 10, iPhone 11 and more phones coming in Brazil and worldwide | TC plant 14

Xiaomi has had a bad time recently with a complaint that it was selling non-approved products at its store in Sao Paulo, which has even earned a subpoena.

Apparently, however, she is not alone in doing so, and an even more serious situation involving ViStation, which represents China's Meizu in Brazil, is discovered.

From what has been seen, only one of the nine models on the ViStation website has Anatel approval, and the certificate expires in September. With this, we have at least nine Meizu handsets, from the C9 line to the new 16, without the Brazilian approval seal, which puts them in an irregular situation in the country.

In response, ViStation stated that the products are in the process of approval, and we are waiting to see if the situation is normalized or if we will have action by the competent bodies.

Samsung, LG and IQOO releases

Android 10, iPhone 11 and more phones coming in Brazil and worldwide | TC plant 15

We had some releases this week on the international market from Samsung, LG and IQOO, a subsidiary of Alive.

Samsung has announced the A30S and A50S intermediates, which come with fresh look and camera enhancements over models released earlier this year. The biggest change of the A30S is the arrival of the on-screen digital reader, while the A50S now has a 48 megapixel main camera.

Remember that Samsung launched the A50 with 128 GB of storage in Brazil this week, with a suggested price of $ 1,800.

Moving on to the LG releases, we had the announcement of the K40S and K50S middlemen, which are updated versions of the K12 Max and K12 Plus released in Brazil recently. The first has dual camera and 6.1 inch screen while the second has triple camera and 6.5 inch screen. Battery capacities also rose, with 3,500 and 4,000 mAh respectively.

Finally, we had the release of the top of the line Chinese IQOO Pro, which will have versions with 4G and 5G. In addition to the aggressive price tag of around $ 2,400 for the most complete 5G variant, we have a super upgraded set, featuring the Snapdragon 855 Plus platform, 48 megapixel main sensor triple camera and Super AMOLED display with integrated digital player. The battery is 4,500 mAh.

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