Android 10 is here and these are its main novelties

by Kelvin

The wait is finally over. After 6 months of betas, Google has released the final version of Android 10 – formerly known as Android Q – for Pixel terminals. However, in the coming months various manufacturers will begin to adopt the new operating system in their equipment. As usual, such an important update involves the introduction of important features, and Android 10 is no exception. We explain what are your main novelties.

Live subtitles


There are times when it is not appropriate to increase the volume of the device to listen to a video or other multimedia content. However, Android 10 offers a function to solve the previous problem. And it is that the operating system can transform almost any audio into subtitles, which are displayed in real time. This novelty works on videos, songs, podcasts and voicemail.


Smart answers

A text message can include relevant data that is useful for performing some task. Android 10 analyzes the content of the message to offer suggestions for answers or quick actions. For example, if a person sends you the address where they will be eating, the notification will show a link to open that same location on Google Maps.


Sound amplifier

Now you can edit the sound of your device to listen better. This proposal allows us, for example, to filter the background noise and adjust it until the appropriate configuration is found. This is an ideal option for times when there is too much noise around us and we need to answer a call.


Navigation gestures

Undoubtedly, one of the most important innovations of Android 10 are the new navigation gestures. In this version it is easier to move between applications or go to the home screen. In addition, Google engineers worked on improving animations, resulting in smoother transitions and pleasing to the eye.


Dark mode

In recent years, the dark mode It has become an essential element in applications, websites and now operating systems. Android 10 will also add to the trend of providing dark tones throughout its interface. Beyond benefiting our view in low light conditions, in the same way positively affects battery autonomy in smartphones with OLED screen.

Android 10 is here and these are its main novelties 3

New privacy controls

Android has been the target of criticism for neglecting the privacy section. However, the new version introduces substantial changes in order to meet user requests. Now all the privacy and security options of your data will be centered in the same section, which is in the system settings. You can decide what information you want to keep and for how long.

New controls to share the location

In addition to the privacy controls described above, Android 10 provides new settings to have more control over the data accessed by applications. It is possible to determine how an app makes use of location services by choosing one of the following options: "All the time", "Allow only when the app is in use" and deny them access completely. You can also block web crawling to avoid targeted ads.

Faster security updates

From the previous year, those at Mountain View focused their efforts on providing security patches on a regular basis. Android 10 goes one step further, since updating your device will be easier and faster thanks to the intervention of Google Play. The digital store will be directly involved in the process of updating the system, just as it does with applications.

Concentration mode

No one can deny that mobile devices, besides being a tool to simplify tasks and keep us connected, are also objects that generate distraction. If we need to move away momentarily from certain apps, Android allows us to use the "Concentration mode", which allows to temporarily block the desired applications. It is important to mention that, for the moment, this function is still in beta.


Parental controls

Google wants parents to be aware of their children's activity on a mobile device. Therefore, Android 10 includes a series of Parental controls to measure the usage time of each app. On the other hand, it is possible to limit the use of the terminal by establishing a schedule. If the child is away from home, their last registered location can be inspected.


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