Android 10 is now officially available for all Pixel devices

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Android 10 is now officially available for all Pixel devices 1

A few weeks ago, Google announced Android 10 and the fact that it stopped the tradition of using the dessert name. But at the time, it didn't say when the update would be released, despite having released the beta from the final developer. The incorrect release date released by Canadian cell phone provider Rogers turned out to be correct; It is available today.

Google announced that the official production version of Android 10 is now available for all Pixel devices, returning to the original device released almost three years ago. OTA needs to start on your device, or if you are digging for such things, you can manually update it to your device using one of the Google images.

Android 10 has a lot of new features, and Google updated the home page today to reflect that. The update will come with an original dark theme, something OEMs must have previously added to the operating system in their own skin. You will see it appear in apps like Calendar, Photos and more.

There's a new Live Caption feature, which automatically tags videos, and includes videos that you have recorded yourself. Google builds on the existing Smart Reply feature, adds it to Messages, integrates it into a better system, and more. An example companies use is that if someone asks you to dine, they can automatically extract Google Maps and give you directions.

Once again, you'll find a new move to navigate the user interface, just like the company that was introduced last year. They are softer now. You can swipe up to see open apps, swipe right to go back, etc.

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Sound Booster is a feature that does exactly what it sounds like. Enhance audio, filter out background noise, and more. There are also new privacy and security settings, with security updates coming through Google Play so you can get it faster. Google has also done more to consolidate privacy settings in the Settings app.

There are many more. Focus mode allows you to pause certain applications to keep you focused on what you are doing, and Family Link allows you to set basic rules for children. The camera now supports HEIF, monochrome, and more. And there are features that are only for new devices, like 5G support and foldable.

As mentioned above, Android 10 is launching now, so your Pixel device will get it in the next few days. Those who have third party devices in the beta program should get it faster than other third party devices.

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