Android 10 Released

by Kelvin
Android 10 Released

Google, Android 10 announced when the update will be released. You may remember that Google, who has given various sweet names to versions of Android for about 10 years, had stopped giving the sweet name this time and the new version of Android Android 10 had given the name.

Today, Google, quietly announced when the Android 10 update will be released. Inbound leaks said that Android 10 update will be released in the 3rd quarter of 2019. The leaks became real. Phone Arena, a person working on the website, Google Support team Pixel 3a'ya Android 10 update will be asked when.

Google representative to Pixel 3a Android 10 said the update will come on September 3, 2019. Thus, the release date of the Android 10 update was announced. All Pixel smartphones will gradually receive the Android 10 update.


Android 10 Released 2

Android's logo changes with the Android 10 update. Android 10 will receive devices on the right side of Android devices that typed in small letters and a new logo will be found.

Android 10 new features that will come with the devices connection through.

Smartphone manufacturers such as Huawei, Asus, Xiaomi Android 10 is not yet known when to distribute the update. As the developments on the subject will pass on to you. Stay tuned!

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