Android 10 warns you when it is dangerous to use the USB port

by Kelvin
Android 10 warns you when it is dangerous to use the USB port

Android 10 warns you when it is dangerous to use the USB port

After many months in beta, Google released the stable version of Android 10 yesterday, which began to reach not only the Pixels but also the mobiles of OnePlus or Xiaomi.

And when we told you that Android 10 seemed focused on security and usability, we were referring to how to interact with the software, but it goes further.


In XDA they have discovered that Android 10 has decided to physically control the USB port of our smartphone to notify us when it is not safe to use it. And it will do it in two ways.

The USB port has liquids or dirt

More and more devices have some type of water resistance so it is normal for them to get wet at any given time. Even if they don't have it, it is possible that something will spill on us and that the mobile will survive.

In both cases we should wait a while for the liquids to dry before plugging in the charger, but if we don't do it Android will let us know. In addition, it will disconnect the USB port so that we are not in danger, and enable it when it is safe.

However, we can activate it manually if we want, although at our own risk.

This will also be activated if there are foreign elements inside the charger, such as beach sand or dust and dirt.

The temperature is too high.

The other warning we could see is the one that tells us that the mobile is too hot, and that we should disconnect the charger. Android will launch this warning when 60 degrees Celsius is reached, 65 being the temperature that the system considers critical.

Some brands already had a similar warning system integrated into their interfaces but will now be available on the system itself so all manufacturers can easily implement it.

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