Android 11: leaked images show new smart home menu and control

by Kelvin
Android 11: leaked images show new smart home menu and control

Some new features that should integrate Android 11 leaked onto the internet shortly after the cancellation of its beta version. For this, the system’s energy menu would have a redesigned interface, bringing a quick and customizable access hub with large identification buttons.

There would be a new simplified path for payments and other banking transactions via digital wallets, by eliminating the need to open a full app, such as Google Pay, in addition to debit and credit cards. This API first arrived on Pixel line phones this year, but the extension to models from other brands would also allow solutions such as Samsung Pay to be included.


Another new feature of Android 11 would be a group of specific buttons for controlling smart home equipment, such as thermostats, lamps, electronic locks, sensors and cameras. In space, users would have a quick view of the status of these devices, including a live preview of security footage.

It’s important to remember that the test version of Android 11 was scheduled for May this year. However, after the cancellation, no new date for the event was released, especially with the intensification of protests regarding the death of George Floyd. At the moment the system update has been released as a preview for developers only.