Android 11 will eventually & # 039; improve & # 039; the Google OS movement

by Kelvin
Android 11 will eventually & # 039; improve & # 039; the Google OS movement

Android 11 will finally 'improve' the movement of the Google operating system – Google decided that in 2020, the first Developer Preview of its new Android had to hit the Internet a few weeks earlier. And so, we have managed to have some advice about what we will receive from us smartphones.

So as you know Android 11 must first approach smartphones Pixels, that's Pixels 5 the next one is already in development. Which of course also means that we will only see the next version of the world's most popular cellular operating system in the second half of this year. However, this does not mean that we can no longer start 'drooling' thinking about the new features and improvements that Google is preparing for all of us.


Android 11 will eventually 'improve' the movement of Google OS

So in addition to everything we've talked about in the past, it seems like Google is working on an updated motion system that can do wonders for its operating system.

Especially when we assume that it is basically out of nowhere … That Google decided to get rid of the navigation bar that always accompanies us, to adopt gestures. (Something interesting only happened after Apple after successfully implementing this same move with great success on the latest iPhone. In fact, the movements are very similar.)

That being said, not all fans in the Android world are happy with the significant changes in the way they have to interact with their smartphones. Due to this, Google decided to modify this system a bit with the arrival of Android 11.

Welcome to the 'Columbus' movement system!

Well, the new motion system can already be found in Developer Preview, which arrives with the strange codename 'Columbus'. That said, it seems that it will be much more complete than the current system, being able to perform various actions, such as starting applications, playing / pausing multimedia content, silencing calls, delaying alarms and even some actions customized by the user.

This is because 'Columbus' uses an accelerometer and a gyroscope for smartphones to interpret new movements.

In short, it is too early to know what will be done. But one thing is for sure! Google really wants to expand its gesture system so that it can offer more than just its direct rival.

Also, what do you think of all this? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.


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