Android 12.1 is expected to improve the use of folding cell phones

by Kelvin
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Android 12 will be the biggest Android OS update in years, both in usability and in looks. According to the website XDA, the launch will be on the 4th of October, but there has been no official announcement yet. However, strong indications indicate that Google would already be working on the next version of the system, Android 12.1, focused on the folding device experience.

Identified in an Android Open Source Project (AOSP) code repository, the new version is referred to as “sc-v2” (with “SC” referring to “snowcone”). The update would be improving a “taskbar” feature, designed for big-screen devices like tablets or folding cell phones.


Google’s built-in AOSP codebase presents several improvements to the feature, where a tutorial was implemented that describes some of the planned functions. According to the tutorial, users could launch two split-screen apps by dragging an icon off the screen. Once configured, the taskbar would remain at the bottom of the screen and automatically hide when an app goes full screen.

The tutorial image, which demonstrated a foldable cell phone and was replaced by a render later, only increased speculation about the release of the supposed “Pixel Fold”. Additionally, several patches in Android 12.1 improve the handling of the scroll animation in the SystemUI.

One of the patches describes a “move from center” animation for the bar icons when unfolding the device. Another adds support for the hinge angle sensor during the unfold animation. A third party allows you to open an activity of a pre-installed system or application in two-pane mode, when this activity is linked to Settings.

pixel Fold

Rumors that Google’s new folding device will be released later this year have gained traction in recent days after Evan Blass tweeted about the device. In addition, a table released by David Naranjo, a senior director at a display supply chain consultancy, lists Pixel Fold as one of the devices with LTPO OLED display.