Android 8.1 Oreo News Tour

by Kelvin

Android 8.1 Oreo News Tour 1

Android 8.1 version here, though for now it's only in the form of Developer Preview. Of course, if you are in the Android Beta Program (like us), you can try all the news about the latest version of the Google operating system. You do not want to do it? No problem, we notify you of all the news that are in the expected update for this Android Oreo.


Details make the difference

Android has reached a certain level of maturity and, along with it, has stopped making sudden design changes, in order to familiarize its users with certain paths of action. Certainly in 8.1 we see some tweaks forever.

If we look at the status bar with stop, we see that there have been some developments. First WiFi, signal or cellular network icons now have rounded corners, giving it a slightly less serious look. Other than that these icons are a little bit more away from the edge, in order to better adapt to a screen with rounded edges.

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Android 8.1 Oreo News Tour 2

On the other hand, we see that when you open the bar down, We will see a little transparency that allows you to see the wallpaper. What if now the color of the bars will change between black and white It depends on the color you choose for your table. Of course, in apps that are white, like settings, it automatically picks up light tones.

In addition to those mentioned above, we also saw a number of system-wide changes. For example, in the settings app, now we have a persistent search bar which will allow us to achieve the configuration we want faster.

New launcher, yay!

Although at first no one seemed to want this new launcher, now everyone seems to love it (including me). And after a few days of trying, the order of things becomes much more logical, besides New widget is very interesting.

Like the notification bar, The The app drawer will also change color depending on the wallpaper that we have configured on our phone. The search bar below works correctly, although it will take a few days to get used to not accidentally pressing it.

Touch here, touch there

And on top of that, there are a few small things that are almost invisible to many users. that The navigation buttons are now smaller and fade after a few seconds., to avoid burns on the screen of our device.

that Android's main font has now changed too and it's the same thing we see in the desktop widget. This also applies to the ambient display, which was (finally) changed to show the date again along with the time when the screen is off. Animation On the screen now a little more liquid and the Oreo system icon is now a cookie, as it should be.

And finally! Pressing and holding the power button to turn off or restart the phone will no longer show the classic shutdown menu that we have had since Android 4.0; now we will have a minimalist floating button that will appear right next to the button what we press

What's new under the hood?

One of the most welcome changes for pure Android users is including the battery level in a Bluetooth device. When we use headphones, an Android Wear watch or other Bluetooth devices with a rechargeable battery, a battery icon that we can develop to determine the percentage of batteries that a connected device has is shown next to the normal icon.

In addition to what we can see with our eyes, there are also interesting things behind the scenes. For example, now Visual Pixel Core it is activated in pixels 2 and, what is more interesting, this allows developers to use it with their third party applications, using all the benefits of the new Pixel cameras in applications such as Instagram or Snapchat, but developers should adopt this new processor.

that The developer has also received many API improvements To improve your application, for example, the Wallpaper application has received options to change the launcher theme that supports it, there have been improvements in text editing, automatic password filling, and Important solution for devices with less than 1 GB RAM. But, without a doubt, the most welcome change in this regard is the decrease in the warning that the application can provide per second.

On the other hand, we found some bug fixes and optimizations in the general use of the system, so we had to feel, at some level, a better day-to-day performance.

And that's it for now, regardless of the news we'll see in the next Developer Preview, such as the inclusion of new lighter color shapes in Pixels, 2 We will notify you in a timely manner. Attention paperweight!

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