Android: AI to discuss with emergencies instead of users in distress

by Kelvin
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Android is about to host a very useful or even life-saving feature. Users in distress will be able to call and communicate information to the emergency department without uttering a word. A simple press of a "Medical", "Fire" or "Police" button will direct the call to the desired service. A voice assistant will take over to transmit the necessary information to request a quick response.


It is important during an emergency call to communicate quickly and accurately the information needed for an effective response. But in some cases, the sender of the call could be unable to speak because he is seriously injured, is in a dangerous situation or simply because he has a disability.

Android will soon be able to chat with emergency services

A new Android feature will allow you to "share with the emergency operator information about the support you need, as well as your location, all without speaking. This feature will be available in the Phone application on Google Pixel and on some Android devices, "says Google in a note posted on his blog. To facilitate the call to the desired service, the interface will present three options: "Medical", "Fire" and " Police ".

During the emergency call, a voice assistant will transmit the type of emergency to the operator with the necessary information to intervene. An interface appears on the user's side of the screen and presents a text transcript of the voice message along with the shared location data. These are directly derived from the GPS function of the smartphone. The generic message informs the emergency services officer that he / she is talking to a voice assistant, that the user is distressed and may be unable to speak, while specifying the type of intervention desired.

This feature will be available in the coming months, Google ad. It will be first in the United States, starting with the smartphones pixel and others smartphones under Android stock.

Source: Google

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