Android application to get Wi-Fi and connect to ▷ 【Free Internet】 👌

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Android application to get Wi-Fi and connect to ▷ 【Free Internet】 👌 1

Free Wi-Fi There are many different parts of the world to connect to the Internet for free. Nowadays it is common for us to use our data rates a little, because the reality is that we can find free wifi network Almost everywhere.

The problem is that sometimes we don't even know they are there. Fortunately, there is an Android app that can help us get a free internet connection. You may think this article is about an app to hack Wi-Fi. Nothing is further from reality.

Android application to find WiFi and connect to the Internet for free

WiFi finder, wireless network finder

This application has a view of the sea map, where you can see all the WiFi networks that you can find around you.

The networks appear in two colors, depending on whether they are free or paid. In addition, next to each of these wireless networks, you can find information about the network as if a password or a type of business (bar, library) is required. In this way, you can find a Wi-Fi network in the simplest possible way.

WiFi Finder - Free WiFi Map

WiFi Map, Free WiFi Network Map

What this application does is send you notifications whenever there is a Wi-Fi network near where you can connect to the Internet for free. You have a large community, which even offers passwords for different networks, so you can also connect to networks that are not, in principle, open to everyone.

Free Wi-Fi "width =" 600 "height =" 371 "srcset =" get-Wi-Fi-and- connected to 【- 【Internet.jpg 600w, 300w "size =" (width maximum: 600px) 100vw, 600px

So, for example, if you are near a café with Wi-Fi. If other users have been there before, they could have published it. password to connect from your Android phone, without having to ask the waiter for a password. In fact, we can even find private networks whose owners have decided to share their passwords.

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WiFi map Passwords and free access points WiFi map Passwords and free access points

Instabridge informs you about free Wi-Fi networks

This application works in a very similar way to the previous one. When you pass a Wi-Fi network that has been provided by the community along with your password, you will receive a smart notification This will inform you of the existence of such a network and the necessary password so that you can connect without problems.

The Instabridge community has over 3 million users, making it easy for you to find free Wi-Fi somewhere near you.

Instabridge password - Wi-Fi Instabridge password - Wi-Fi


We found another very similar operational application. Your community has managed to give up more than 60 million WiFi points all over the world with your passwords, so you can connect without too much hassle.

It also has an app for Android Wear allowing you to easily find access points from your smart watch.

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What's more, it also has an offline map, which allows you to find Wi-Fi points near your location, even when you can't connect to data, even to find networks. In this way, if for example you have a 3G tablet, you can also use it to find a place to connect to free Wi-Fi …


Free wifi connection

This application may seem a little less interesting in principle than the previous one. Because it does not allow us to connect to the network with a password, but it is designed to facilitate access open network.

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Therefore, thanks to this application, we can program our smartphone so that, whenever we pass a password-free network, it connects automatically without having to do it manually. Therefore, we save must be alert to find the network or not.

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Android naturally allows us to ask our cell phones to automatically connect to any network that we have previously saved. But what we can obtain thanks to this application is that it is not necessary that we have a stored network, because just passing it is enough.

Free Wi-Fi connection Free Wi-Fi connection

WiFi password

It is possible that what happened to you is that there is a network that you connected to previously, but then you lose your password and you do not have the opportunity to request it again. Thanks to the WiFi password You can retrieve the password to reconnect to the network in the same way as before.

Wi-Fi Internet password "width =" 600 "height =" 293 "srcset =" get-Wi-Fi- and connected to - 【- 【Internet.jpg 600w, 300w "size =" ( maximum width: 600px) 100vw, 600px

Of course, this app can only recover password certain operators, so you may not be able to get it. If you see that the network you need is green, you can easily get a password. This is ideal for finding passwords that were not found with the previous application.

WiFi password WiFi password

Why is it better to connect with Wi-Fi?

The main reason to use a Wi-Fi network is because data speed They generally have a limited amount, which you may not want to spend unnecessarily. But also Wi-Fi networks, except very crowded, are much faster.

And have you ever used an app to connect to a free Wi-Fi network? Public or private? We invite you to read our comments section and tell us your opinion about this type of application.

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