Android Apps to help you lead a healthy life

by Kelvin
Android Apps to help you lead a healthy life

If there is a purpose every year that is the most classic, that is to lead a healthier life. After the holidays and excesses, it is normal that we have taken a few extra pounds, so it is time to lose weight. Or simply lead a healthier life, through diet and exercise.


But the reality is that to carry this purpose forward, it is necessary to have enough willpower, and it can be complicated. Fortunately, in the Google Play Store We can find numerous applications that can be very helpful.

Android apps to lead a healthy life

Sports applications

30-day Sports Challenge

If you want to get in shape little by little, a good option is the 30-Day Sports Challenge. This app is designed so that, over a month, you will gradually increase your abilities when doing sports so that you get in shape step by step.

Nike Training Club

The Nike brand also has an interesting application called Nike Training Club where you can find a wide variety of exercises to do your training at home.

All exercises are accompanied by images and videos so you learn to do them easily.

Nike Training Club: training and programs Nike Training Club: training and programs

Sweat, the Androod app to sweat training

Another interesting option for those who want to exercise at home is Sweat, the Android application of fitness guru Kayla Itsines. In it, you can find different 28-minute exercise tables that you can easily do from the privacy of your home.

Therefore, the lack of time to go to the gym is no longer an excuse for not getting into the sport anymore.

SWEAT: Kayla itsines Fitness SWEAT: Kayla itsines Fitness

Android Apps to help you lead a healthy life 2

Applications to improve your diet

8 Fit, fitness and nutrition

An average between the applications to feed you better and those of sports is 8fit, an app that includes both exercise tables and diets to achieve your goals more easily.

8fit - Fitness and Nutrition 8fit - Fitness and Nutrition


Other applications that can be very practical in your search to reach your healthy weight, a calorie counter. You write down what you eat and it makes you calculate the calories it has. Although there are many apps of this type, today we will restart Yazio.

YAZIO: Calorie Counter for Weight Loss and Diet YAZIO: Calorie Counter for Weight Loss and Diet

Do you use any such app to try to lead a healthier life? Have they helped you achieve your goals? We invite you to go through our comments section and tell us what you think about this type of Android applications of healthy living.

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