Android begins to offer technical support through Twitter

by Kelvin
Android begins to offer technical support through Twitter 1

Many cases where users want to immediately contact technical services to solve a problem on their terminal. At that point, the first option that comes to mind is to look around a little Twitter to finally confirm that it is a common problem or only occurs on our device. Therefore, large companies G have decided to enter the procedure Technical services directly from social networks.

From now on, anyone who has problems with their Android phone can directly contact Technical support through the hashtag #AndroidHelp. At least that's what they confirmed this morning from the same platform in what was shown to the world as Necessary but chaotic system.


Now you can solve your Android cell phone problem from Twitter

Android published this tweet an hour ago where the training of technical support in social networks was confirmed. Users who have questions or problems related to the operating system can solve it through the hashtag #AndroidHelp. All you have to do is include this nomenclature in the publication and Wait for technical support to respond to us.

Google has decided to meet the demands of thousands of users requesting an increase in Android customer service. Now happening Twitter Everything becomes much faster, at least at first glance. We don't know how this new system will work, since then ask through Twitter They may be the craziest. Clearly, this new feature must have a selection system that can be used to evaluate comedians' actual tweets.

There are questions related to you # Android 📱? We are here to help you. Now, you can get help by tweeting your problem using hashtag #AndroidHelp.

– Android (@Android) January 27, 2020

At this time, Google has not answered questions asked by users. Twitter. It seems that the big G companies took the time to capture all the information and power offers an answer that adapts to the demands of Android users. We will see how it develops.

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