Android: change logo and new name, Android 10

by Kelvin
Android: change logo and new name, Android 10

Android: change logo and new name, Android 10 2

The logo of a company always accompanies it, but this does not mean that little by little it receives new changes to look more modern. This also happens with applications, although in the times that are running on the Internet it is necessary to know them so as not to fall into deceit. That's why we show you the Android logo change as well as the new name of Android Q.

New Android logo

Since its inception, Google conceived Android with a mixed logo, formed by the operating system's own words as well as a recognizable pet or icon. This happens in other companies such as Windows 10 or the different Microsoft Office programs, which are always recognizable both for their typography and for their graphics.


But today it's time to talk about the company of Redmond and your new Android logo. For this occasion the android is left alone with the head as the most representative part, with its antennae, its green color and its white eyes. On the other hand, we have the letters that have changed font again. It is abandoning the totally circular and thick shapes to give small shots to each letter as far as possible.

The result: a more versatile logo, since it can be used with the head next to or above the letters, recognizable, because it maintains its identity, and much more accessible, since changing the letters from green to black is much simpler to apply in several versions.

Android Q is Android 10

The last name of each version of Android has always been named after some candy, but this time it has been different. Since the beginning of the year, the most successful users have been able to try the new operating system during the first quarter of the year and those of Mountain View had always named it with a single letter that unleashed the doubt for everyone: What will the Q mean? Theories have flown to this day when the company has revealed the definitive name: Android 10.

Why the change? to a simple order problem. It is true that it was original and even funny to say that you had Android KitKat or Oreo on your mobile, but which one goes before ?. Here was the problem, since many users did not know if their mobile could use certain apps or if they could update it to the next version. For this reason, the firm will call from now on its software as its competitors do through numbers.

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