Android: How to be a ROOT user without changing anything on your mobile

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Android: How to be a ROOT user without changing anything on your mobile

Many times we need the benefits of ROOT access on our mobile phones. However, not everyone is encouraged to have their cell phones go through a process that can be risky. I'm techno brings you the solution to the problem, so you can be ROOT user instantly, without endangering your phone, and without resorting to the technician.

The solution we provide you can find in Google Play. This is a free application called VMOS, which will allow you to enjoy all the permissions of a ROOT user on your android device: all the games you want, until you have two different accounts of your favorite networks on your cell phone.

What is the magic of this application? Well, simply, the app will emulate a new mobile on your device. You will have something like a "Two in one", the new one also having an Android system, although an earlier version: Lollipop 5.1.

Once you install VMOS, by clicking on a button that will appear in settings, you can be a ROOT user.


How to be a ROOT user without being

ROOT user

As we told you, when you install the VMOS application you will have a second phone inside your phone. Hence, your device does not suffer any damage or modification to be a ROOT user. Of course, this app to work properly needs your smartphone Meet certain requirements.

In cell phone where you are going to install VMOS you must have at least 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage space. If you were going to use it in a Samsung J2 You can leave forgetting to do it. It will not work. The application will run a second operating system on your mobile, so you need the necessary capacity.

VMOS can be downloaded from the following Google Play link. Always do it from the official store, because The application will ask you for special permissions for its operation, such as IMEI and pathss. Do not fall for fake applications that can seriously damage your mobile and violate your privacy.

The first time you run VMOS on your cell phone it will take time to open. This is normal, since the second Android system will be downloaded along with some applications that will bring by default (It will weigh around 300 MB at the end). It will take 10 minutes the first time, then it will open quickly like any app.

When VMOS is already open, go to its Settings section. As we said, it is a second mobile, so finding your settings will be quite easy. In Settings enter "Phone information". Press 10 times on "Build Number" to enable developer options.

ROOT user

Being ROOT will be as simple and fast as clicking a button (Credit: SoyTecno)

With the developer options activated, it only remains to enter them and enable “ROOT” by clicking on the option. That is all.

Within this second mobile you can test applications that need ROOT permits, duplicate the ones we have or play games and leave them in the background in case you need to answer calls. VMOS allows you to maximize it offering the appearance that it is a single phone.

Editor's Note: When you have VMOS running the temperature of your device may rise. This is because of the effort it makes in maintaining two operating systems at the same time. It is not to worry.

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