Android: how to enhance the sound of the environment and mobile devices

by Kelvin
Android: усиление звука окружающей среды и мобильных устройств

Our mobile phone is a Swiss army knife full of tools and solutions for almost everything. Sound is a fundamental section, and it can be more or less powerful depending on certain settings. In addition, Android and little-known tool for enhancing sounds that come from our environment or from our own device.

Many of the features that are integrated into Android that are less known to us are designed to help users with vision or hearing problems. However, they can be used by others for other purposes or just out of curiosity. In this case, audio amplifier instrument can be used with headphones connected via Bluetooth or cable, in order to filter, increase and enhance the sounds of the environment and the Android device itself.

Android: Amplify Environment & Mobile Sound


How sound amplification is activated

In other words, it can be useful as a kind of “sonotone” for people with hearing problems, but it can be used for other purposes, for example, to amplify the sound of multimedia content that does not have a powerful or clear sound. This function integrated into Google Pixels as standard, but other Android users have to download the required add-on from Google Play, so it can be used as an additional accessibility option.

ampificador de sonido android

After that, we will need to connect our headphones using a cable or Bluetooth and enter the downloaded Sound Booster function. If we have a Pixel, we’ll find this feature in Settings / Accessibility / Sound Booster. To start the audio amplifier we can use the Sound Amplifier shortcut (swipe up with two fingers) or press the accessibility button.

Available options for customization

In the function, we will have several settings to adapt the volume and environment setting levels:

  • Gain pause : Playback will pause the gain when the sound is clear and loud enough.
  • Change your sound settings: on the sound tab, we can change the Gain and Adjust controls until we find the configuration that best suits us.
  • Adjust each ear separately : In the Sound tab, we can activate Adjust both ears separately to adjust the sound for the left and right ear independently.
  • Reduce unwanted sounds : in the “Noise” tab we can change the level of noise reduction.

ampificador de sonido android

Other tricks

There are other really amazing uses for this feature when you consider that it is a “hidden” setting on our mobile phone.

Use as a remote microphone

This is the function that will allow us bring your mobile phone closer to the TV or some speakers and put on Bluetooth headphones. We will listen to the sound through headphones, so the volume will not interfere with those around us. Also, on Pixels with Android 10, the audio booster can be used to play audio and video on a mobile phone.