Android Q beta 5 detect new movements and something else

by Kelvin
Android Q beta 5 detect new movements and something else

The new version of Android, which this time receives the letter Q in its name, offers many visual and functional improvements compared to Android Pie, and in between, the new iPhone-style navigation gestures are perhaps the most controversial. This new navigation gesture appeared on Android Q Beta 3 in May along with a new move. return, which is activated by swiping from the left or right edge of the screen. In Android Q Beta 4, many moves have seen improvement compared to the third beta. Thanks to the modified and thinner navigation bar, the way to call Google Assistant has also changed.

Some developers search for code for a new beta version and find that one way to call the Assistant is by sliding your finger from one of the lower corners to the center of the screen. With Android Q Beta 5, which will soon appear, we will be able to test this increase independently.



This auxiliary move must have been intentional:

Slide from angle @> = 30 ° angle and hold a minimum of 200 ms.

– Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) May 18, 2019

Reddit resource users with the nickname Charizarlslie share some ideas on how to improve the navigation movement that the next beta version of Android Q will bring. By claiming to be part of a special assembly for American operators, users share videos that clearly demonstrate how the new movement works for Contact Google Assistant. To make the movement more visible, the interface now has visual cues at the corners in the form of curved lines.

The video above shows how these round lines pulse to attract the user's attention. We have seen similar movements in the form of friction from an angle on OnePlus and Huawei smartphones, where they are integrated into the navigation system in the launcher, but no manufacturer has thought of making it visible. Instead, the focus is on using the power button to start the Wizard.

Android Q beta 5 detect new movements and more 1

In addition to the new visual cues in the corners, there is now a new animation at the bottom of the screen, representing two multi-colored lines that extend from the edge of the screen and meet in the middle, and then disappear.

Android Q beta 5 introduces the ability to adjust motion sensitivity return

Some beta testers have experienced discomfort due to the new navigation system, since that movement return It prevents the side menu from working normally in some applications, because access is also done by sliding your finger to the right edge of the screen. Google decided to fix it, making the process a little more complicated. Now to make a move. return You must swipe twice from the left edge of the screen.

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It is possible to guarantee that the interface elements caused by the friction of the left edge of the screen do not interfere with the new movements. return, the user will not harm the ability to adjust the sensitivity of the latter. And this feature has also just appeared in the beta version of Android Q.

The screen rotation button has changed.

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In Android Q beta 4, the navigation bar partially overlapped the screen rotate button, but now it's gotten bigger and moved slightly up. Change, of course, aesthetically, but of course it will make the buttons more visible.

Android Q Beta 5 Coming Soon

Meanwhile, we are confident that Google will launch the next beta version of Android Q in the near future, because we are eager to try all these new features. Google does not share launch programs for Android Q Beta 5 and beta 6, so we do not have a specific date that we will be waiting for, but we are always updated to test the new beta version as soon as it is available.

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