Android Q Beta 5: Google continues to work on gesture control

by Kelvin
Android Q Beta 5: Google arbeitet weiter an Gestensteuerung

Google has released a new beta version of Android Q for Pixel smartphones for download. With Android Q Google wants to introduce a gesture control for the operating system, but this conflicts with the menu structure of many apps. There is a fix for that now. Custom launcher use the three-button navigation.

Beta 5 of Android Q is the penultimate beta version before Google wants to distribute the final version in the third quarter of this year, which runs until September after the sixth beta. Just like the last beta, Android Q Beta 5 uses the final Level 29 APIs, so even with the current version based on Android Studio and SDK, app developers can develop 29 apps for the operating system without having to worry about incompatibility with the release ,


The biggest changes for the new beta version come in the planned gesture control, replacing the traditional operation with the three buttons "Home", "Back" and "Recently used apps". Already with the last version of the operating system, Android 9.0 Pie, Google had made first efforts in these directions, although the feature was limited to the current Pixel smartphones.

However, Google has the problem that swiping from the left edge of the display to go back one step, opens the side menu for many apps. Even with many of Google's own apps, there is such a menu structure, which was also propagated for years for developers. As a result, the operating system can not distinguish whether the user wants to go back or open the app's menu.

Peek function is intended to resolve dilemma with apps

Therefore, Android Q Beta 5 introduces a so-called peek function, which signals to the user holding the side menu and a short wait that the back gesture can now be performed. This function should be compatible with all DrawerLayouts mentioned in the developer jargon, but the Peek feature works best with DrawerLayout 1.1.0-alpha02, according to Google. Developers may have to redesign their apps for Android Q Beta 4 with actual final APIs to support the Peek feature as best as possible.

For the time being no gesture control for custom launcher

Another change in Beta 5 concerns vendors or custom launchers such as the Nova Launcher or Microsoft Launcher. According to Google, there were stability problems and problems when calling the recently used apps under Android Q. For the time being, Google wants to completely disable the new gesture control for this group of users with Android Q Beta 6 and go back to the classic navigation with three buttons at the bottom of the screen. Only after the launch of the final version Google wants to tackle the matter again and offer at an indefinite time, the gesture control again for all users.

Update currently paused

Android Q is supported by all Pixel smartphones back to the first generation and can be installed via OTA update or as factory image and reinstallation. How Google communicated over Reddit, the distribution is currently paused, however, because there were no further explained errors. Already at the fourth beta Google had to interrupt the update distribution due to errors temporarily.

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