Android Q Beta 5 provides all applications with unlimited access to your geolocation, and this is not a bug

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Android Q Beta 5 provides all applications with unlimited access to your geolocation, and this is not a bug

In addition to a small release crash, Android Q Beta 5 was a fairly stable build, looking at it, there was no doubt that there might be something wrong with the final beta that will appear in the next few weeks. However, some time later, as soon as users tried Beta 5 in action, they were worried that they began to receive notifications that applications had unlimited access to location data.

Even if you give the application limited access to a location, it will still get full

As noted in the official change log for Android Q Beta 5, Google explains that with the latest update of Android Q, apps get “permanent” permission to access the location, but this way it only works for those who have upgraded from Beta 4. That is, it Google’s intentional test before the final release of Android Q.

The new function gives any application that has at least some permission to access geolocation (even limited or once) full access to it. For obvious reasons, this behavior of the system bothered users of some applications, and especially the fact that this was done in the background and without any notification of changes.

Applications with permission to access the location included in Android Pie will get “permanent” access to the location when upgrading to Q. To check the behavior during the upgrade, applications that have any permission to access the location in Beta 4 or lower also “Permanent” permission will be granted when upgrading the device to Beta 5. Users can receive special notifications if an application accesses their location in the background.

At least users get notifications when the app uses geolocation in the background

Fortunately, Android Q also supports a new feature that periodically sends notifications to remind users that the app has access to a location. This notification was introduced back in Beta 3. Due to changes in Beta 5, this notification is shown more often, as some users noticed in Twitter and on reddit.


Google advises Android Q users to manually configure app permissions. It remains to be hoped that this will not happen in the final version, but if it does, the setting is available in Settings > Location > App Resolution.

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