Android Q Beta 6: some Essential Phones in brick

by Kelvin
Android Q Beta 6: some Essential Phones in brick

Android Q Beta 6: some Essential Phones in brick 2

Probably Essential Phone PH-1 is not one of the most successful smartphones in recent years, but more than a few users own it and is happy to receive all updates in a timely manner, both stable and beta ones. And about the beta update, it seems that the latest version of Android Q for Essential Phone has created important malfunctions to some units.

Essential Phone: watch out for Android Q Beta 6

One user reported on Reddit that his smartphone has literally become unusable after upgrading to Android Q in its sixth beta.


Essential's customer service did not wait for his response and above all the solution to the problem. Unfortunately, the only thing to do seems to be that ofsend the device for assistance so that it can be fixed and brought back to the fifth beta of Android Q. It is not yet clear what kind of bug that leads to the creation of this serious malfunction, but the company has accepted (obviously) in repair all the units found bricked after the update.

If you have an Essential Phone and are part of the Android Q tester program, the only useful advice at this time is to do not perform the software update, keeping on board the fifth beta (or the one you currently have). We remind you that also the fifth and fourth beta have created some problems, solved through swift updates.

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