Android Q will improve customization: themes, colors, clock …

by Kelvin
Android Q will improve customization: themes, colors, clock ...

Android Q will improve customization: themes, colors, clock …

The latest version of Android is already falling, and we continue to know details that could come in the final version. It seems that after years of uncertainty, Android will finally have an application to further customize the interface.

We are currently testing Android Q in its sixth beta, the last one before receiving the final version. The first official version is estimated to arrive during the third quarter of the year, so in theory it should be ready before the end of September.


It seemed that with the last beta everything would be decided. Well it seems that it is not, and that is that a clue has appeared on how it will improve customization in Android Q.

A Pixel user receives a suggestion from his own mobile to personalize the experience

The Google Pixel are usually the mobiles that receive the news before anyone else, it is not in vain that Google first tests the operating system. Sometimes, there are characteristics that catch us by surprise, although many of them are half done in the betas.

As we read in Android Police, a user has appeared a suggestion in the settings, inviting him to personalize the experience of his mobile, as we can see in this capture.

The suggestion invites us to try different styles, wallpapers, watches and much more. However, by clicking on that notice, the application redirects us to the application of wallpapers, so we can assume that all the personalization news will reach this application. Another alternative would be for the wallpaper application to end up being replaced by this new customization application.

Android Q will improve customization: themes, colors, clock ... 2

Already in the development settings we could see that we had the possibility to change Accent color, icons or typography, so it would not surprise us that in the final version these options leave the development settings and are accessible to everyone.

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