Android smartphones may use fingerprint sensor to sign in to Google services

by Kelvin
Android smartphones may use fingerprint sensor to sign in to Google services

Google has announced a new feature that will make passwords more obsolete. Over the next few days, Google will be able to authenticate to some of its services with the same security mechanism you are using on your smartphone.

This feature will work with Google Chrome on any smartphone running Android Nougat or above. This will allow you to sign in to Google services using the fingerprint sensor, pattern, or PIN. It will all depend on the security mechanism you have enabled on your device.


This will allow even those devices that do not have a fingerprint reader to set passwords aside. All you'll need is a smartphone running Android version 7 or higher.

This method will be phased out to various Google services.

For now, only Google password manager makes use of this new feature. By visiting, when you are asked to verify your identity, you will be asked to do so using one of these methods.

For this to work, you must have one of the smartphones supported for this possibility. In addition, you will need to use Chrome and still have your active Google account in the browser.

The US company says that devices with Android Nougat or higher will be compatible with this new authentication method. Additionally, she says some models are already receiving this update and more will follow in the coming days.

So if you still can't use this feature on your Android smartphone, you'll have to wait a little longer. In my case, I have not yet available this news on my Samsung Galaxy S8.

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