Android to dominate gaming market by 2020, report points

by Kelvin
Android to dominate gaming market by 2020, report points

A new report from Liftoff, a leader in marketing and retargeting of mobile applications, points out that the world's most popular operating system in the mobile segment, Android, will also be the favorite of gamers.

The survey looked at over 107 billion ad impressions, nearly 82 million installs, and 14 million purchases on 555 game apps between June 2018 and May 2019. The report covers eight countries: Brazil, the United States, Canada, Germany. , United Kingdom, Russia, Japan, and South Korea.


Android's advantage in platform “war” against rival iOS was already a trend noted by Liftoff in its report released last year, when its operating system Apple It was still the most used for games.

This change is explained by the costs. The purchase price for a user through Android marketing actions is only $ 3.21, while on iOS it rises to $ 4.85. That is, a game owner has to chop 51% more in order to capture an iOS user.

This is also reflected in the rate of in-app purchase (IAP), which are user purchases through in-app purchases to, for example, earn more lives or win new game items. Under this criterion, which measures user engagement, iOS saw sales drop from 21% to 13.2%, reducing the lead over Android, which has 9.5%.

And everything indicates that Apple You won't have an easy life to continue to beat the competition in the gaming world. In early August, ASUS launched its new gaming smartphone, the ROG Phone II, which has the most powerful hardware ever seen on any Android. On the day it was launched in China, the device sold out in just 73 seconds, a time never recorded by new iPhones.

“Overall, Android is the best buy option. The significant drop in iOS app purchase rates should pressure marketers to revise their platform-based strategies. You need to take these trends into account and consider more effective Android-focused actions, ”says Dennis Mink, Liftoff VP of Marketing.

Brazil stands out for its low cost, but inequality hinders the market

Brazil is an attractive market for gaming applications that want to spend little to acquire users, but that does not mean something totally advantageous. Despite the low cost of converting ads into installations of $ 1.42, games still struggle to convert their efforts into effective sales.

Looking at in-app purchase (IAP) data, the cost to acquire a Brazilian user in mobile games is $ 33.88 (equivalent to over $ 130), almost identical to what is spent in Canada (US $ 33.43). However, the similarities end there. In Brazil, the engagement rate, ie conversion to sales, is only 4.2%, compared to 15.3% in Canada.

Brazil is a promising market where 82% of people who play electronic games use mobile apps. “The price to acquire a user is also a bargain compared to other markets around the world. However, social inequality still present in the country poses a challenge for conversion into sales. ”, evaluates Dennis Mink.


Liftoff Mobile Game Application Report 2019 is based on internal data analysis between 6/1/2018 and 5/31/2019, including 107.3 billion impressions, 1.6 billion clicks, 81.7 million app installs and 13.9 million in-app purchases (IAPs).

The report traced the costs and conversion rates associated with mobile gaming marketing, AppsFlyer retention rates (Day 1, Day 3, Day 7, Day 14, and Day 30) and total in-app purchase downloads and revenues Apptopia. It also includes data divided by platform (iOS and Android), sub-categories of games (Midcore and Strategy, Casual, Hyper Casual and Casino), regions (Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and South America). North) and 8 countries (Brazil, Canada, Germany, Japan, Russia, South Korea, the United States, and the United Kingdom).

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