Angle clamp: a small, inexpensive, but very useful tool

by Kelvin
Angle clamp: a small, inexpensive, but very useful tool

I’m my mother’s home master myself, now and then I twist the bolts and solder. Recently I assembled a closet and such a thing was very useful.

This is an angular clamp. Now unpack.


Its meaning is that it fixes two surfaces at an angle of 90 degrees.

It is absolutely indispensable when assembling furniture.

It used to be: we mark the holes in one board, mark it in the second, drill there, drill here, then apply it all, screw in the Euro screw. And it’s good if everything coincided. And if they made a mistake on the millimeter – trouble.
Now it has become easier: first we fasten the part with such a clamp, or better with two. Then we drill both together at once. Everything! The holes are guaranteed to match.

Thus assembled a huge custom cabinet. And he did without assistants – second hands replaced two such small clamps.

The cost of 252 rubles

Link: angle clamp.

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