Annapurna makes a final offer to its creditors to avoid bankruptcy

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Annapurna makes a final offer to its creditors to avoid bankruptcy

A couple of weeks ago we told you that the video game editor Annapurna Interactive could end up in bankruptcy because of her parent company Annapurna Pictures. At the time the film production company signed loans worth 350 million dollars that now can not pay, and in case of not reaching an agreement with the banks it would have to declare bankruptcy, which would drag to its subsidiary specialized in video games.

Curiously Annapurna Interactive editor of Outer Wilds, or What Remains of Edith Finch handling much smaller amounts is a much more prosperous business, and it would be a shame if it ended up being sold or awakened in any way- The branch in its more than five years of life is He has become one of the most important actors in the independent scene, combining quality with attractive titles for the public.

Annapurna Interactive's last chance

The truth is that although in the end an agreement with the creditors is reached the future of Annapurna Interactive is uncertain, and it would be possible that it would still be sold, or separated from the main company. In a last move to the desperate Larry Ellison, founder founder of Oracle, and father of the owner of the corporation has made a final offer to the banks of about 65 cents per dollar owed. As you can see it is a generous reduction of difficult acceptance, but send the company to bankruptcy It could mean recovering even less money.

We assume that it will not take long to get out of doubt but in case of a precipitous outcome, surely several industry players are already thinking about bidding for Annapurna Interactive and its juicy publishing rights.

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