Anthem joins the EA Access trunk

by Kelvin
BioWare CEO fully trusts Anthem, two major teams are still working on him

Yes it is. You are reading it. After only a few months on the market, Anthem, the game that aspired to be the flagship of Electronic Arts for this year, is incorporated today into its package and subscription library for consoles and PCs, EA Access and Origin Access.

A news that many can bring new hours of play, others give the game another chance, and also good for those who want to try for the first time what Anthem wanted to capture in their game.


Anthem in EA Access is now available

A game that was on the lips of many since its presentation. His arrival was not what the public expected and that has had an impact on both sales and the life of the game's servers. This new step before the strategy of Anthem, will make the servers revitalize and above all capture those players who have not been able to give it a chance during these months.

This is how EA announced the arrival of the game on its subscription platform.

The thematic event of the season (cataclysm) will end soon, but the librarians are still in time to put on the suit and face their fury. If you are a subscriber of Origin Access Basic or EA Access *, you can also join the adventure: the Standard Edition of Anthem is in The Vault to play as you please.

And you, will you give Anthem a chance again? Will you subscribe to EA Access to try it?

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