AnyTrans, the alternative file manager to iTunes is updated

by Kelvin
AnyTrans, the alternative file manager to iTunes is updated 1

Important news for the iOS device file manager, AnyTrans

AnyTrans is updated by adding a lot of important features. For those who do not know this program, its functionality is to be a application to manage the files we have inside our iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) and that arrives to be the alternative to the well-known iTunes, the file manager and multimedia content of the mobile devices of Apple. Then we leave you with all the details about this new version of the application and download it through the link you will find at the end of this article, both for Mac computers and for Windows.

AnyTrans, the alternative file manager to iTunes is updated 2

The new features of AnyTrans

In addition to being able to enjoy this application in our language, Spanish, the iMobie guys have added two interesting features to AnyTrans, thanks to which we could say that it would become the Ideal file manager for iOS devices, above the same iTunes of Apple.


The two new features are Clone content and Merge content. With the first, Clone content, we can make a replica of all the content we have within one iOS device in another, for this it will be necessary to have both devices connected to the computer and then choose which device will be cloned. The second interesting feature of this application is that of Merge contentThanks to this we can easily transfer information from one device to another, for this we will only have to connect both devices to the computer and select the information we want to pass from one device to another, thus combining the information of both.

AnyTrans, the alternative file manager to iTunes is updated 3AnyTrans, the alternative file manager to iTunes is updated 4

In addition to this, we can also continue to enjoy the features that AnyTrans has always offered:

  • Content to iTunes: Allows you to pass all the information on your device to the iTunes library.
  • Content to Mac: You can pass all the information you have on your device to your computer, regardless of whether it uses Mac operating system or Windows.
  • Device Content: One of the best options to get information between devices. Connect an iPhone and an iPad and transfer information between them.
  • Add Content: Allows you to pass information from the computer to any of the devices you have connected.
  • Manage playlists: Both music and videos, this will be more simple and powerful than iTunes.
  • Pass any type of medium: Regardless of whether it is music or video, put it on your iPhone, iPad or iPod to play it.
  • Download, browse and play any content stored in iCloud.
  • Make backup copies of apps: Save a copy of all the applications you have installed on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
  • Move a game from one device to another: Enjoy all the information you have saved of your games, settings and scores, and pass it from one device to another.

AnyTrans, the alternative file manager to iTunes is updated 5AnyTrans, the alternative file manager to iTunes is updated 6


The simple design of AnyTrans makes its use very simple and quick to understand. In addition, perhaps the most important feature is the ease with which we can pass information between the iPhone / iPad and the computer (Mac /Windows). Unlike iTunes, we can manage all our content (Music, Photos, Videos, Books, Applications and much more) simply dragging files or using the "copy and paste" of a lifetime. In addition, it is now easier to use since it is available in Spanish and also includes the two new features that allow us clone and merge device content, making it a much more powerful tool.

Download AnyTrans for Mac and Windows

If you want to have this Alternative app to manage all iPhone and iPad content on the computer, then we leave you with the download link for computers with Mac operating system and Windows. By clicking on the following link, you will simply have to select the option “Download AnyTrans now” and, automatically, the web will recognize the operating system of your computer and after a few moments it will start downloading the version of software that is compatible with your computer

Download AnyTrans now

If you do not want to use only iTunes to manage all the information you have stored on your mobile devices of the Californian firm (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch), then do not hesitate to try AnyTrans, now also in Spanish.

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