ApowerPDF is the most viable option for editing and creating PDF files.

by Kelvin

For users using PDF files, ApowerPDF is the perfect program for editing text and creating a file from scratch; check out

THE ApowerPDF is an editor of PDF which can be used to create or edit files and forms in a variety of formats. The program features all the essential functions a publisher needs, including the ability to manage pages in the PDF when there is a need to delete, extract, crop or rotate a specific excerpt from the PDF document.


Compared to other desktop editing programs. PDF as the Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDFescape Desktop, Foxit Phantom PDF, Mac Preview and PDFPen, The ApowerPDF stands out in value for money. Many programs have absurdly priced licenses, either require users to create pro accounts for access to basic editions, or even some of them are exclusive to Microsoft devices. Apple.

The program, besides being lighter than the Adobe Acrobat Reader, is a complete and powerful solution that has a clean and user-friendly interface and allows you to access your basic editing functions quickly. Among the features of the program, users can add and modify text, graphics, watermarks, insert or remove pages. All while maintaining a design that is easy to understand and has many affordable features.

Editing a PDF file is much easier

ApowerPDF lets you create PDF files from scratchApowerPDF lets you create PDF files from scratch

It has several features, and the first one to be listed here is text modification support in PDF files. Many who use PDF know that some editors do not allow files to be modified, or only selectable, and others do not allow this functionality.

THE ApowerPDF not only allows you to do all this, but also change text, add images, all without opening other editors and exporting to PDF again, such as Microsoft Word usually does.

Multiple format conversion

The program supports file conversion to a variety of other formats.The program supports file conversion to a variety of other formats.

Many times, users have already received a PDF that sometimes needed changes, but did not have a publisher or needed to convert it to other formats, because delivery required another format. THE ApowerPDF It also allows for this kind of activity.

The program supports file conversion to a variety of other formats, such as Word, Excel, Power Point, an HTML web page, a Bitmap image, with JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF formats.

Add or remove pages

ApowerPDF allows you to insert other pdfs into filesApowerPDF allows you to insert other pdfs into files

A very useful function for those who handle many PDFs is to include other PDFs in the file that is already in use. This saves you the time of having to convert all the files and then export them all again. The program allows pages to be extracted, inserted, and even other files inserted into the current file.

ApowerPDF also allows layout functions in addition to text capabilities, such as editing the file's background color, adding images, and even a watermark at the bottom of the page, all as easily as possible.

Make comments on the archives

The program allows notes and comments to be added to the base text.The program allows notes and comments to be added to the base text.

Often some extra file information cannot be seen directly in the file text. Therefore, tools such as Word and Drive have implemented, is to leave comments in the files. Often, PFD readers are unable to show these comments, and need to go around doing the file conversions again.

With the platform, it allows files to have highlighted text, add notes, key points at any time, and provides a draft option if it is not the final version of the file to be delivered.

Protect your PDF Files

The program allows the addition of a digital signature to further facilitate the security and access of content.The program allows the addition of a digital signature to further facilitate the security and access of content.

Security is something that is on the rise these days. Protecting important business or personal data is one of the things many companies have been looking for today so that their data, if hacked, doesn't fall into dangerous places.

As a result, PDF files can now be encrypted end to end and can be accessed with a password. Or even those who receive the file will need to open the file. The app allows removal of passwords from the file as well.

In the case of encryption, the program allows the addition of a digital signature to further facilitate the security and access of content. THE signature or firm digital, Is a method of information authentication digital typically treated as a substitute for signature since it eliminates the need to have a paper version of the document that needs to be signed. These features further enhance the security of files when sent over the internet.

ApowerPDF has the solution

Today, working with PDFs has become increasingly common, either to generate reports or even to ensure that a presentation opens if the site does not have the Office suite. The program is designed to make life easier for users by avoiding unnecessary turns and conversion processes throughout the process.

THE ApowerPDF brings users everything they need to handle all types of files and their PDF conversions. All you need is to have the program installed on your computer so that everything else is simpler. When you open the file, it is ready to be edited any way you want!

The licenses of ApowerPDF may be purchased at program website, priced at $ 399 for a lifetime license, $ 199 for an annual license, $ 89 for a monthly license, or $ 1,999 for a lifetime family license, or for a team.

What did you think of ApowerPDF? Leave it in the comments if you use a lot of PDF files and need several functions listed here, and be sure to follow the Showmetech for more information on technology and apps!

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