Apple 3rd generation TV can no longer watch YouTube, alternatives?

by Kelvin
Apple 3rd generation TV can no longer watch YouTube, alternatives?

YouTube will cease to support Apple TV 3G

3rd generation Apple TV arrived in the product catalog Apple in 2012 and was the last to include a version of the operating system that did not include the ability to install native applications. Before the emergence Apple TV HD (4th generation) and current 4K (5th generation) channels existed.

Apple  3rd generation TV can no longer watch YouTube

Among all these channels, one of the most popular since then by the millions of users who have purchased this set-top box Apple, was YouTube… But unfortunately, today it is not surprising Google video service will stop working soon.


This will happen in early March, when the application YouTube (more precisely, the channel) will no longer be available on Apple 3rd generation TV. Hence, the only option continuing to watch the specified content on your TV will mean send video via AirPlay … The problem is that this option is no longer as convenient as being able to have a product completely independent of the phone.

Should I change Apple 3rd generation TV?

If you’re wondering if it’s time to change Apple 3rd generation TV, the answer will depend a lot on how you use it. It’s true that they’ve been around for over eight years since launch, so there are aspects like power and support for new features that don’t match what is required today.

However, if you use it from time to time and can handle AirPlay, then don’t. But if you already feel like it’s time to take charge, then there are many interesting options that you can choose from today. We ourselves analyzed all kinds of offers, which are usually even more attractive in terms of price and features, despite the fact that they are not part of the ecosystem. Apple…

Chromecast from Google TV

The new Chromecast with Google TV is one of the more interesting options. Use what we already knew and loved in the original Chromecast, thanks to the independence that was already needed. Now you only need to connect it to your Wi-Fi network, log into your account and start using the many available apps and services.

Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV – great option for connecting to a TV. They use an Android based operating system, so the number of available apps is also very large. Not forgetting about the excellent integration with the company’s own services.

With a wide selection of Fire TV models, you can find everything from the inexpensive Fire TV Lite to the versatile Fire TV Cube. It’s a matter of which one gives you the most benefits, and bet on that.

Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

Finally, Xiaomi Mi TV Stick this is another of those offers that offer a great experience for very little money. Basically, it’s a combination of Chromecast with Google TV and Fire TV, its operating system is Android, and you can access the video-on-demand apps and platforms you need today. Recommended purchase.

I bet on Apple TV 4K?

Mando juegos Apple TV cómo conectarlos

If the previous options do not interest you at all and you prefer to use the products of this brand to support the ecosystem Apple, think about it beforehand. V Apple TV HD or even the latest with 4K content are still good products and offer interesting features such as the ability to be used as a switch for HomeKit and home automation, but the current price is too high for global calculation.

In addition, while the company is moving at its own pace with the release of updates for this product, the truth is that sooner rather than later, the update should take place. And, of course, taking into account the steps that Apple undertakes in the manufacture of its own chips, its commitment Apple Arcade, etc., it is likely that it will compensate you a lot more if you endure an alternative like the previous one. you can see how to invest in the model. This adds little.

So, as we said before choosing a new one Apple TV to replace your current 3rd generation model, think carefully about it. So the investment really pays off.