Apple: After the Siri scandal… The company promises more privacy!

by Kelvin

After the horrible eavesdropping scandal involving Siri Apple, the company was forced to make an official statement. In order to explain what happened. After all, the attacks on the company came from virtually everywhere.

However, as a simple apology is not enough to erase what happened. THE Apple decided to completely change Siri's privacy policy. But we will explain everything else below.


After all, what statements were given by the Apple?

Apple: After the Siri scandal… The company promises more privacy! 2

Something had to be done to change the course of this story. And as the Apple has no ideas of shutting down Siri completely, has made some security changes.

Firstly, all user interactions with Siri. They will no longer be recorded so that their privacy is not compromised. This is because from now on we will only continue to use the PC transcripts to improve Siri. ”

“Secondly, any user can now choose to help Apple improving Siri. And we hope many of you want to help, after all we want to continue to provide you with excellent service. ”

“Third, if users agree to help Apple the best to Siri. Recordings will only be heard by employees of the Apple, not by a contractor. So you can be completely rested. ”

Despite all these changes, is this enough to calm users affected by the Siri scandal?

Siri scandal

Siri scandal

In fact we can admit that everything that happened was really very serious. And of course none of this will erase what happened. However, this may in fact be one of the best ways for Apple regain the trust of consumers.

However, we will have to wait and see how these new implementations will go in the near future. What if Apple will actually stop recording user interactions with Siri.

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