Apple Announces enhanced privacy protection in light of Siri recording program

Apple Announces enhanced privacy protection in light of Siri recording program 1

Apple I had an issue with an official statement that resolved the situation with the contractor listening to an audio clip recorded through Siri. The company, along with Google, said it would suspend the training a while ago. As part of the statement, Apple I also apologize for not living up to your own ideals when it comes to privacy.


For this reason, the company also announced changes to the way Siri was handled. For one, users must participate if they choose to allow their sound clips to be used. Audio samples will only be heard by the company's own employees and not by external contractors. Otherwise, only the computer that generates transcripts of Siri requests will be used.

Apart from the above, Apple it will also delete recorded sound clips that are not intended to activate Siri. This new policy will take effect when the company continues with the evaluation process, which will fall sometime.


Apple It is not the only company that hires contractors to listen to sound clips to improve their own services. Facebook, Google and Microsoft also previously disclosed that third parties write recordings to help improve their services. Microsoft is also the only exception among them, being the only company that continues to do so.

(Source: Apple)

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