Apple announces its new YouTube channel Apple Card

by Kelvin
Apple announces its new YouTube channel Apple Card



The credit card of Apple He arrived in the United States a few days ago. Since then, dozens of reviews and comments have come from users. However, everyone agrees that the ease of creating and activating the card is enviable to other services. To continue with the dissemination and presentation campaign of this new service, Apple Has published a new video on your YouTube channel where he explains the main novelties of the Apple Card in just a few seconds: visual, direct and concise to convince the laggards.

Usability, speed and utility: this is the Apple Card

We present a new type of credit card. Created by Apple, not by a bank. Register directly on your iPhone and start using your Apple Card in minutes.

The Apple Card is a digital card which can be requested in the Wallet app of your iOS device. However, to use and receive the physical titanium card it is necessary to request it and, when you arrive at home activate it through a very fast process thanks to the built-in NFC chip. The truth is that the diffusion that Apple has done with his Apple Card has been enviable: a large amount of visual content to solve doubts and understand the concept of the card they have created and other information websites published on their official website.

The video that we find today on your YouTube channel emphasizes how easy we can request the card and start using it in different places. In addition, they have stressed the importance of Daily Cash, an intrinsic function on the card for which Apple reimburse in our card between 1 to 3% of the purchases we make with the card, so it is a way to “earn money” or “reimburse money” of our purchases using the Apple Card We do not know when it will arrive in Spain or other countries but it is thought that The global deployment will be much sooner than we think.

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