Apple Arcade already has an official price and release date

by Kelvin
Apple Arcade already has an official price and release date

Apple announced at WWDC 2019 Apple Arcade, its new subscription service that allows access to premium games without ads and without microtransactions on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and Apple TV. He left us with the candy in his mouth because they did not give details such as the price or the release date, but Cupertino's firm has used his Keynote today to reveal both data: September 19 and 4.99 euros.

Apple has not ruled on the price in euros, but has confirmed that will be 4.99 euros for the whole family. That is, a single subscription will be worth so that up to six people can access an initial catalog of 100 games that will be completed over time. It will be launched in 150 countries, although no specific names have been mentioned.


A growing catalog

Apple  Arcade 2

The apple boys have brought members of well-known companies like Konami or Capcom, which have shown some games that will be available in Apple Arcadian. Not only will there be games, but the team of Apple It will be responsible for creating related content such as guides, previews of the content to come and more.

Apple Arcade will have a free trial period of one month

Apple Arcade will be accessible from the App Store. In fact, you can see the dedicated tab if you have the iOS 13 beta installed. In that section there will be Recommended games based on our tastes and, of course, the entire catalog of games that the team of Apple He has healed and put into service.

As we said, it will be available on September 19 at a price of 4.99 euros. For those who have doubts, Apple offer a free trial period of one month. It is the same price as Apple TV +, which has also been shown during the Keynote.


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