Apple Arcade is now available to multiple users

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Apple Arcade is now available to multiple users 1

There are only a few days before the official launch Apple Arcade, scheduled for Thursday, September 19 This is a video game platform presented by Apple in March and at the last event in Apple Release date announced. Now we have been able to verify that users have installed GM iOS 13 You can now enjoy the service. Here are more details about the platform Apple.

This is how it is presented Apple Arcade in iOS 13

Beta testing can sometimes be a big mess, because it is possible to encounter certain bugs like errors or unexpected reboots. This is the most normal in an unstable version and is designed for developers, but sometimes you can find pleasant surprises as some have witnessed. Apple Arcade video game services opened a few hours ago for several people users with iOS 13 GM or iOS 13.1 beta.

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Apple Arcade officially launches this Thursday with one month free trial and next subscription € 4, 99 per month in a family package. On the platform there are many games with different themes, namely exclusive and they can only be accessed through this service. How to access is through the "Arcade" tab in the menu IOS 13 App Store. After here, we see many games available that can be downloaded if we subscribe. They can be downloaded for free, as shown, but we have to accept the subscription terms so that after the trial month they start charging us.

As a curiosity, keep in mind that when downloading and opening games Apple The first Arcade screen appears with the platform's logo, which proves that it is exclusive and cannot be found anywhere else. He also wants to know that they entered the English languageAlthough this could be due to the fact that it is still in testing and until the official launch arrives, we may not see it in our native language.

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At the moment the platform seems to have good amount of play, although in the coming months the new title will be added. The fact that this service works well in public, which is currently expected, may encourage more developers to launch content on this platform. This is also to see the current quality of the game, despite looking at what it shows Apple On your last keynote, it appears that the current game is quite successful.

We don't know if services like this will end up with grim platforms and game consoles that have been designated as PlayStation, but it's clear that Apple If you want to enter this sector, this shows your desire to continue betting big. However, only time will determine where this sector is developed and if Google Stadia is expected to successfully shake the industry that has so far remained strong.

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