Apple Ask Developers to Prepare Push Notifications for Safari

by Kelvin
Apple Ask Developers to Prepare Push Notifications for Safari 1

Along with the presentation of iOS 7 to developers and the media, Apple I also present the new version of the operating system for Mac computers, OS X Mavericks. This new version has followed the same development process as the mobile operating system version, with a beta version for developers that has been constantly updated and will continue until its final release to the public.

Apple Ask Developers to Prepare Push Notifications for Safari 2

Safari Integrates Push Notifications in OSX Mavericks

After the recent update to the latest version of OS X Mavericks, beta 7, now those of Cupertino have sent an email to all developers asking them to prepare for the imminent arrival of Push Notifications in Safari.


The Push notifications in Safari, the web browser of Apple, it can become one of the most powerful and interesting tools that will be integrated into OS X Mavericks and will be available to all with the arrival of the final version of the operating system.

Apple Ask Developers to Prepare Push Notifications for Safari 3

Safari Push Notifications on OS X Mavericks will be a Powerful Tool

This notice also appeared on the official website dedicated to developers and reminds them that with Mavericks it is possible to use this service, a tool that allows you to receive notifications from a website, in the style of the image that you can see above, directly on our desktop, even if Safari is not open.

iOS 7 Features Thumbnail

A Tool that We Do Not Discard See on iOS

Push Notifications in Safari will be a powerful tool that after its debut, will surely be requested by many iOS users, especially because of the great possibility of displaying the content on the screen of our device as a warning without having to have it open Safari Mobile and even, if we start imagining, it should have such an integration, that if we read the notifications on some device or computer, they disappear in the others, something that could be interesting to more than one.

Anyway, first we will have to wait for the launch of the service and see its acceptance, in addition to its operation on our Mac computers, but probably, if it is well received, surely in the end we will also see it on iOS.

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