Apple Card is available as of now for all iPhone users in the US. UU.

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Presented in March, the Apple Card began to be implemented a few days ago when a select number of iPhone users in the United States were able to sign up for the credit card Apple-Goldman Sachs and place orders for the physical version. Goldman Sachs handles all matters on the banking side of the business, but the card is available for immediate use in the Wallet application, with Apple obviously responsible for all smart card functions. If you want to try all that magic of Apple Card, we have great news for you: the Apple Card is now available for all iPhone users in the US. UU. Hereinafter.

Apple made everything official on Tuesday: Apple Card has just launched for all American customers. But you must own an iPhone to use the card. Apple Card resides in the Wallet application, which is also where you can add other cards for the functionality of Apple Pay, as well as tickets and loyalty cards.


Without an iPhone, you cannot sign up for the Apple Card, so don't expect to activate one using Android or other operating systems. You will need an iPhone that can run iOS 12.4 to get the card, which makes the iPhone 6 the oldest iPhone that can support it. To begin the process, go to the Wallet application and click on the "+" sign.

The entire application process is simple, and you should receive the digital version of the card within the Wallet application in a matter of minutes, provided your application is approved. You can then start using the card immediately at any place where it is accepted Apple Pay.

Image source: AppleImage source: Apple Inc.

You can also order one Apple Attractive titanium card and will be associated with your Apple Digital card. Like many other credit cards, Apple Card comes with a cash back program. The Apple Maximum cash you can receive is 3%, and that is in all purchases made directly with Apple, included Apple Stores, and digital stores. In addition, the 3% daily cash rewards program also applies to selected merchants, including Uber and Uber Eats.

On top of that, you get a 2% refund on each transaction of Apple Pay of a Apple Card Finally, purchases made with the titanium card of Apple They give you 1% cash daily.

International iPhone owners who wish to enroll in the Apple Card have no choice but to wait until Apple and Goldman Sachs are ready to expand the service to other countries.

Image source: Apple Inc.

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