Apple Change your automatic refund policy on the App Store

by Kelvin

Apple change the refund procedure in the App Store and in iTunes

Until now, Apple It allowed users to request a refund for an application downloaded within 14 days after making the transaction. Without mediating any kind of explanation users could request a refund of the amount for an app and from Apple the refund of the balance was processed immediately. Many users took advantage of this situation to download apps, use them and then return them before 14 days.

Apple Change your automatic refund policy on the App Store 4

Now each return request will be reviewed by a member of the App Store

Now Apple announced a change in its refund policy since the situation was unsustainable in the face of so many abuses by users. Automatic reimbursement was presented as a breakthrough in favor of consumers, but many users took advantage of the situation to download apps and then claim the amount paidFor this reason, the Cupertino company has now announced a change in the refund policy.


The option to report problems and request a refund or refund is still present, but now Each case will be analyzed by a member of the App Store which will be responsible for reviewing case by case situations with the client and with the developer of the app. If the claim is legitimate Apple will proceed to the refund, otherwise the user will be explained the reasons why the refund request has been rejected.

The new refund policy of Apple still positive for customers, since they are in full right as consumers to recover their money if the app in question does not fulfill what it promises or does not satisfy them, but also maintains the balance with the profits of the developers and the digital distribution of products through the App Store, iTunes and iBookStore.

Apple Change your automatic refund policy on the App Store 5

The main problem of refunds, abuse

The main reason for making a new change in refund policies after a few months has been the abuse made by some users who have purchased content from apps, music and digital books, and then return them before 14 days.

With the previous mechanism Apple I didn't ask for any explanation and the refund was automaticHowever, now each case, as we have said, will be studied individually and meticulously to ensure that the claim is legitimate. What they are looking for from Apple is that both users and developers can use the platform, buy and sell apps without abuse by either party.

What do you think about this new change in the refund policies of Apple?

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