Apple Change your out-of-warranty iPhone repair policy, more options

by Kelvin
Apple Change your out-of-warranty iPhone repair policy, more options

Apple Change your out-of-warranty iPhone repair policy, more options 1

If someone breaks the smartphone, the ideal is to take it to the after-sales service of the brand to which it belongs, or to the operator through which it was purchased so that it can take care of it. But if the terminal is already out of warranty, it may be more attractive -especially for cheap- the idea of ​​taking it to a third-party store, those in the neighborhood that may or may not have an official license for the brand in question. Thinking about these users and their mobile phones out of warranty, Apple has decided to modify its repair policy to open it to more independent repairers.

New iPhone repair policy with third parties

Apple announced today a new repair program that offers customers more options for the most common iPhone repairs out of warranty. Apple will provide more independent repair companies, large or small, with the same authentic and original parts, tools, training, repair manuals and diagnostics as their Authorized Service Providers Apple (AASP), which gives users an alternative to take the device to App Stores.


The best thing for those who are dedicated to the repair of mobile devices is that you will not have to pay anything to participate in the independent repair program of Apple. To be able to join, “Companies must have a technician certified by Apple that can make the repairs ”, and the certification process is "Simple and free".

The main advantage is that the repair companies that meet the requirements “they will access authentic pieces of Apple, tools, training, repair and diagnostic manuals at the same price as the AASP”, So if the iPhone fails you and is out of warranty, you can take it to a third party store that you may be closer and more confident when you have the official license Apple repair.

First in the USA, then in the world

During this 2019, Apple has launched a pilot program with 20 independent repair companies from North America, Europe and Asia They already offer authentic parts in their repairs. With this new policy, it offers iPhone users more alternatives for the repair of their terminals. The independent repairers expansion program will be launched first in the United States, and it will not be an exclusive but will reach markets because according to Apple "There are plans to expand it to other countries", so it seems a matter of time only to arrive in Europe.

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