Apple clarify all the details

by Kelvin

In recent weeks we have seen how iOS security has been hard questioned by the Google security research team, claiming that any iOS device could be hacked with relative ease. The stir that raised this news was capitalized both in the media and among users and that is why since Apple They have published a note clarifying everything that really happened with this security flaw that Google talks about.

As we already told you in La Manzana Bordida, the error reported by Zero Project focuses on a series of vulnerabilities that could be used by websites to access our personal information. The information disseminated by Google he was talking about a massive attack that had affected all operational iPhone But the reality is very different.


Apple denies some of the information Google gave from iOS

In this note you have released Apple It has been explained that the attack was very narrow, focusing alone’ on a dozen websites offering content related to the Uyghur community. This fact gave way to experts to point to the Chinese government as responsible for these attacks since they would not be too comfortable to have this group of Muslims in their country.


Since Apple they also throw a lot of land on Google as they accuse them of releasing this report six months after applying the corresponding patches on iOS, fueling a security issue that had been eradicated by the company and generating a lot of chaos among users who believed their information was compromised.

In the information disseminated by Google they also talked about this security problem would have been operational for two years, but since Apple They claim that this problem was only operational for two months. In addition, they also comment that it took 10 days to resolve this security breach once they found out showing their commitment to the security of their operating system.

It is clear that Apple You cannot question it for not solving the security problems that are reported in your operating system, since we see how within a few days of detecting any we have an update to solve it. It is quite difficult to create an insurmountable operating system and that is why there are security flaws in both iOS and Android that emerge daily, but the really important thing is how fast they can be patched and the work that is put on this arduous task.

We do not understand why Google released such an alarmist report with several falsehoods that has had to leave Apple to deny. When many thought that using an iPhone right now was compromise our data to haters the truth is that only a few websites have been affected for a very specific group of people that was resolved 6 months ago.

Undoubtedly, from Google, they should review the communication policy of their research team to avoid such problems in the future.

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