Apple explains why its official stores, the Apple Store, they are made of glass

by Kelvin

Its architect reveals the motives of the "Bohlin Cywinski Jackson style"

If you have ever seen photographs or been in the physical stores of Apple, the Apple Store, the official stores of the Californian company, probably has caught your attention the fact that they are built, focusing mainly on the use of an element, the crystals, and with a marked square or rectangular shape. Although for a long time everything was a mystery about this style, in the last hours the architect Peter Bohlin, one of those in charge of it, reveals its details and motives.

Apple explains why its official stores, the Apple Store, they are made of glass 4

Steve Jobs and his role as a store architect Apple

First of all, the first thing we can mention is that this look so modern that stores get Apple It is unique within the segment of technology firms, and in fact it is owed to architects such as the aforementioned Bohlin, who in his joint work as part of the architecture studio Bohlin Cywinski Jackson, developed the style that today characterizes the firm's branches Californian


Recently, Bohlin conducted an interview with American media, published by iClarified, in which he highlighted the role of Steve Jobs in the development of these stores, and in his unique style. In this regard, he mentioned that:

He was involved in everything related to store design. And those are our best clients, because we also have to conquer them from their heart.

In addition, Bohlin noted that while the glazed style had already been used in other stores, Steve Jobs was the first who had the idea of ​​finding that the internal floors and stairs were transparent, since that way it would be possible for all customers to see more products at the same time, be interested in them, and of course, acquire them.

Apple explains why its official stores, the Apple Store, they are made of glass 5

The Bohlin Cywinski Jackson study

On the other hand, the architects' own studio Bohlin Cywinski Jackson It deserves a paragraph, considering that it is one of the most recognized in the world. Based in Philadelphia, it has developed the main stores Apple in cities like Paris, London, Sydney and Shanghai, in addition to carrying out many other projects with commercial, educational and social institutions.

Indeed, during the more than 35 years of life that the study has, it has had famous members such as Jon Jackson, Frank Grauman, William Loose, Cornelius Reid, Karl Backus, Gregory Mottola, Roxanne Sherbeck, Robert Miller and Raymond Calabro, although Bohlin was the main one involved in the development of the stores of Apple, and even he himself discussed his design with Steve Jobs himself on numerous occasions.

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