Apple Glass: new leaks allow you to see more clearly

by Kelvin
Apple Glass: new leaks allow you to see more clearly
apple glass

Despite a hectic schedule and exceptional working conditions, Apple continues to work on its future products. Among them, Apple Glass, augmented reality glasses, seem to benefit from an advanced development.

The leakerJon Prosser, who recently saw the light on the release of the new MacBook Pro 13 and the iPhone SE, among others, today tells us several details about augmented reality glasses fromApple who will not show up at the end of their branches until next year…


Treatment similar toApple Watch first generation

In his video, Jon Prosser suppose the first version of Apple Glass could work in the same way asApple Watch first generation, ie only connected to an iPhone which would perform the calculations and data processing.

According to the leaker, this decision would result from the will ofApple to offer glasses “”, surely in order to attract a maximum of.

On the price side, the Apple Glass would be offered at a price of $ 499, an amount that could however increase depending on your optical correction. It remains to be seen how Apple will organize with our opticians to provide connected glasses while respecting both its commitments and the vision of users.

In terms of functionality, and according to the prototype that has been observed, Apple Glass would adorn themselves with a LiDAR sensor, similar to that present on the last iPad Pro, as well as glasses capable of displaying the interface “(reference to the interface” of the iPhone).

The interface, precisely, would be controllable via sensors positioned on the branches of the glasses and by hand gestures, performed in front of the glasses. So Siri, at least for now.

Finally, the Apple Glass would be rechargeable thanks to a wireless charger, like the brand’s watch.

Announcement and marketing dates still very uncertain

Still according to Jon Prosser, Apple could reveal the Apple Glass at a conference, in the form of an “iconic expression of the brand which notably preceded the announcement of the iPhone andApple Watch.

When we see the aura and success of these ranges today, we can imagine the will and the means invested by the Cupertino company in what it considers a priori as its next flagship product.

However, if Apple is planning an online event next June, it remains unclear when these glasses can be announced in the international press, according to the habits of the company.

Jon Prosser makes the assumption of a presentation at the Keynote this fall, in the best of cases, or of a conference in March, at the latest.

Finally, note that the glasses should not be marketed in the weeks following their announcement, but several months later. Anyway, it seems that the success of theApple Watch and Airpods encourage Apple to sink further down the path of

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