Apple Hire a Nokia executive to improve your maps

by Kelvin
Apple Hire a Nokia executive to improve your maps 1

Torsten Krenz, a former Nokia executive, goes to work on the map team of Apple

It is no secret that the initial launch of the maps of Apple It was a real fiasco. The maps were not accurate, there were many errors and this led to the dismissal of Scott Forstall and Tim Cook to publish a note apologizing for the release of the maps.

Apple Hire a Nokia executive to improve your maps 2

Since then Apple It has not ceased its efforts to turn its maps into something useful and that users want to use. That is why he has made many contracts, purchases from other companies and put all the means to turn around the situation. Currently the maps of Apple They have improved a lot, although not enough yet.


The last move he has made Apple in relation to your map team is hire Torsten Krenz. This person worked at Nokia and was one of the main executives responsible for the creation of the Nokia map system after the purchase of NAVTEQ by the Thai company.

As we can read in iMore, Krenz was responsible for leading the global field mapping operations to improve your old company's maps. In Apple He could have a similar job and the Cupertino company might be looking to take advantage of Krenz's knowledge of his previous work.

Apple keep looking for ways to improve your maps

maps 3d cupertino

The hiring news comes just before the launch of iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, operating systems in which the Apple Maps will be present and may have more presence than in previous generations thanks to the improvements they have been receiving all this time.

You can not deny that Apple is doing everything on its part to improve the map service they have created. It is true that they are still far from reaching Google Maps, but every step they take brings them a little closer and it would not surprise us that in some years or, being very optimistic, some months, they would catch up or, at least, a lot closer.

Do you think the policy of Apple? Should I keep working to improve your maps or should I go back and go back to Google maps? Of course, there is nothing like having total control of the services you offer to improve them and know what the user is looking for, so personally, I think they are on the right track.

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