Apple hire two expert baseband chip engineers

by Kelvin

Apple Hire expert engineers to manufacture your own baseband chip

Apple He has recently hired new engineers for his great team, these are two experts from the sector in which they have abandoned their important positions in Broadcom. This news comes after a report that appeared last week talked about the intentions of the Cupertino-based company to start developing in the future also the radio part of its own mobile devices, currently acquired from Qualcomm.

Baseband - Apple hire experts


The former Broadcom engineers will be responsible for the development of the baseband chip of Apple

This makes it appear that the Californian company is working on the creation of a development team for the baseband or baseband chip to start using them in the not too distant future, to be more exact it talks about a hardware that will control the radio functions , connectivity, signal generation modulation and other important parameters.

Two top-level personality in the sector such as Xiping Wang, who has been working at Broadcom for 10 years as a project engineer and also director of the Egineering Development Hardware section, and Paul Chang, who has been supervisor of the development team. baseband retransmitters, both on Broadcom, developed specifically for Nokia and Samsung.

Paul Chang Apple Baseband Engineer

Apple could start to lock on the All-in-One chip

As we know, currently Apple is responsible for the development of their own A-series chip, but the possibility that in the future they can also deal with the projection of the radio part and work on the all-in-one chips, some chips that would have the same part of processing and radio in the same hardware, this would be done with the intention of achieving greater energy savings and, why not, of space.

In any case, yes Apple it manages to integrate everything in a single chip, the possibility that the change of form and design of future mobile devices in mind, regardless of whether it is an iPhone as an iPad, is not ruled out.

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