Apple increase the iPhone and Mac bug bounty from $ 200,000 to …

by Kelvin
Apple increase the iPhone and Mac bug bounty from $ 200,000 to ...

Hackers who can hack iPhone core with zero clicks required for users will get millions of prizes.

Apple Once again increases the gift it offers to hackers to find vulnerabilities on iPhone and Mac. The company has increased the bug donation from $ 200,000 to $ 1 million This also makes the program open to all, previously only been You can access the program by invitation.

Apple A few days ago, he launched the Mac bug gift program, which now extends to watchOS and Apple TELEVISION This announcement was made by the Chief Security Engineer of AppleIvan Krstic at the Black Hat conference in Las Vegas. [/ embed]

Krstic at the conference stated that the company gave all "award devices" to participants for errors. However, the iOS Security Device program will only be an invitation and will start next year. This developer tool will allow the hacker to further penetrate iOS and allow participants to do more things like pause the processor and see what happens to the data in memory.

According to the Bounty Bug program, hackers who break the core with zero clicks required for the user will get a prize of $ 1 million Hackers who can find network attacks that do not require user interaction will receive a prize of $ 5 , 00,000 and hackers who can do it before the software is released will get a 50 percent bonus prize.

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Krstic added, "The bug gift has been a success to date, with 50 serious bugs reported since the 2016 release."

Previously, a company called Zerodium offered hackers $ 2 million for remote iPhone hacking. Which shows the number of companies and governments willing to pay for such exploitation.

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